swimming in the soup
swimming in the soup
SITS 1x15 - Diving Deep with John A. Rice

SITS 1x15 - Diving Deep with John A. Rice

on letting go of outcomes, leaning into the mystery & living a creative life

What’s up, swimmers? Happy 4/20 slash New Moon Eclipse in Aries slash Taurus season slash whatever else is going on??? It’s a lot! How’re you faring?

Late last year, I started feeling really tapped out when it came to writing and sharing. A terribly uncomfy place to be in, especially when I’d felt so disconnected to my writing for years, and had finally gotten the faucet fixed.

But also understandable after writing, editing and releasing a year and a half of a researched and scripted podcast, an entire book, a few months of this new venture with SITS—not to mention over 200,000 words of fiction in my free time.

All during a pandemic, no less.

My cup was empty. Not just creatively, but spiritually.

Still is, in some ways.

So I saw 2023, a 7 Seeker year, as an opportunity to start talking with other people who are out there making things in the world, connecting with the Divine in unique and wonderful ways. There are no goals for these deep dives, other than being present and open to receive new perspectives and ways of being, and admittedly to take the pressure off of feeling like I must have something brilliant to share every couple of weeks; and I do hope that you’ve been gaining something from them as well!

What I didn’t expect was for this series of episodes to also reconnect me to John A. Rice, a writer, actor, painter, tarot deck creator, and old friend and colleague of mine! Despite the decade that’s passed since we last spoke, our interests and outlook on things align in so many ways; and John has such a serene and wise way of approaching an ongoing creative and spiritual life. Both in the recording and editing of this conversation, I made so many notes to return to later!

If you’re an artist, a creative, a dreaded multi-hyphenate (😉), today’s episode is for you!

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It’s [my] mission to help people reclaim their own mystique and see themselves as the hero of their own story.

- John A. Rice

John A. Rice is a lifelong artist, one of the few who specializes in oil pastels. His work has sold in more than 35 countries worldwide. He runs his art shop, J.A.R. Studio, NYC, out of his New York City studio.

He is also an accomplished Tarot reader, having studied extensively with his mentor from Italy (where Tarot originated). He drew on this background to create his unique, popular MINDSCAPES Tarot deck.

[I want] to foster healing, introspection, and creativity through otherworldly art — empowering the internal world so that we can enrich our outer world.

- John A. Rice

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This conversation with John was so deeply and personally satisfying. It was inspiring and meaningful, and was an incredible full circle for me in so many ways. But beyond just my feelings, John shares about letting go of outcomes while living a creative life in a way that’s so humble and encouraging. He effortlessly offers wisdom from the path, subtly, yet confidently amused by the mystery of it all. I hope you love this episode as much as I do!

Some of my favorite moments include:

  • “I don't know who needs to hear this, but: Just be open to whatever doors open instead of forcing something to happen... So often, the way we want things to happen is just not the way they will, or even should happen. And the things that come are often better for us anyway.”

  • “Visual art was something I just did for me.... After hours, I'd put on some music and just bliss out painting. And I was actually very hesitant to put the tarot cards online—or any of my art online—for that exact reason. I was scared that it would get commodified. I was scared that it would take on a life of it's own, because I have seen that in my other artistic pursuits.”

  • “I don't question where these things come from. I just do it. I think it's almost better to not know. Is it a higher power? Is it a spirit guide? Is it my subconscious? I don't know. But I feel like the moment you start to analyze it, you almost undercut its power... I'm content to just have it be the mystery of my life.”

But there really are so many perfect pearls within. Let me know which moments stood out to you!

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Until next time, just keep swimming!

xx, Rebecca

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swimming in the soup
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